About Us

Approvedpdh.com's Mission Statement:

Approvedpdh.com believes that knowledge must be shared and lifelong learning is a requirement for all professional engineers. Our organization will provide continuing education programs that build on basic engineering education and provide for ongoing development of professional engineers.


All study material is provided allowing you to complete your course on your time and at your convenience! Approvedpdh exams are open book, true-false/multiple choice format. No written assignments or essays!

Our Website:

Developed and maintained by professional engineers,Approvedpdh.com is a fully automated virtual classroom dedicated to the online continuing education for engineers, surveyors and architects. Our server is programmed to conduct quizzes, issue Certificates of Completion, and keep records of Approvedpdh activities on a 24/7 schedule.

Our Online Courses:

All Approvedpdh courses are designed with a clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's field of practice. Courses offered by Approvedpdh are considered state-of-the-art in the field of engineering and surveying. Each lecture is supplemented with new learning materials including links to additional resources and a quiz to help the attendee earn professional development hours (PDH units) or AIA Learning Units.

Our Commitments:

As a continuing education provider, Approvedpdh conducts its business according to the continuing professional competency (CPC) guidelines published by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). We maintain records of all online Approvedpdh activities for at least seven (7) years. Our records include the name of the attendee who satisfactorily completed the course, the type of activity claimed, date of the activity, the instructor's name, the sponsoring organization, and the Approvedpdh credits earned. Copies of these records for audit verification purpose may be requested by sending emails to admin@approvedpdh.com

Refund and Cancelation Policies:

For individual course purchases and at any time within 12 months of your purchase, if you are not satisfied with an online course and choose not to complete it, ApprovedPDH.com will exchange the course for another of equal or lesser value. If within 30 days of your purchase you are not satisfied with an online course and choose not to complete the course, ApprovedPDH.com will exchange the course for another of equal or lesser value or refund the cost of the course. If you complete an online course and your state licensing board does not accept it on the basis of course quality, approvedPDH.com will refund the cost of the course (upon proof of state board denial).

Approvedpdh's procedures of selecting course Instructors:

Our course instructors are selected based on one of the following criteria:

The instructor or provider should have the academic competence in the course content before developing an effective assessment tool, must be proficient in engaging students in communication via synchronous (chat rooms) or asynchronous (email and discussion forums) communication and meets the core professional-teaching standards established by the state licensing agency.