Course ID 15
Number TBI-101
Name Bridge Inspection
Category Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Length (Day) 365
PDH 10
Price (USD) 150.00

Course Description:

The course is based on the "Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual (BIRM) and provides training on the inspection of in-service highway bridges. The course will familiarize students with the Federal and State inventory and inspection forms, coding of items, detection and evaluation of various defects or damage to the bridge structure and emphasize uniformity and accuracy of data collected and coded on inventory forms. This course does not go into depth on underwater or complex bridge inspections.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define bridge inspection concepts
  • List the inspection equipment needs for various types of bridges and site conditions
  • Evaluate and document the deficiencies that can exist on bridge elements
  • Describe inspection methods for common concrete, steel, and timber structures
  • Learn the need to inspect underwater portions of bridges
  • Describe nondestructive evaluation methods for basic bridge materials

Course Outlines:

  • Bridge Components and Elements
  • Bridge Mechanics
  • Responsibilities of the Bridge Inspector
  • Bridge Materials
  • Fundamental of Bridge Inspection
  • Bridge Inspection reporting
  • Inspection and Evaluation of Bridge Deck
  • Inspection and Evaluation of Superstructures
  • Inspection and Evaluation of Substructures
  • Inspection and Evaluation of Bridge Bearings
  • Inspection and Evaluation of Waterways
  • Inspection of special Bridges

Course Content:

The course notes are primarily based on the Federal Bridge Inspectors Training Manual and the recording and Coding Guide and emphasis on the numerical ratings of safety related defects, structural defects and deficiencies and to promote uniformity of rating.

Course Quiz:

A minimum of 60 multiple-choice quiz questions will be offered and 70% minimum passing grades are required to successfully complete the course.