Course ID 18
Number S-1002
Name Causes of Structural Deterioration
Category Civil Engineering
Length (Day) 365
Price (USD) 60.00

Course Description

The course is intended to teach students about different causes of structural deterioration. Furthermore it will help students with little or no knowledge about structural deterioration to learn different types and causes of nonperformance, failure and causes of structural deterioration.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • The ability to identify different types and causes of nonperformance, failure and causes of structural deterioration such as corrosion, fracture, fatigue, design deficiencies, fabrication discontinuities, operation and maintenance and unforeseen Loading.
  • Expand the horizon of engineering skills and knowledge.
  • Development skill for successful job performance.

Course Outlines

The emphasis of the course is on the professional practice causes of structural deterioration to the student with little to no actual structural deterioration knowledge; the course provides an overview and insight of different types of structural deterioration sources.

Course Content

The course notes are primarily based on (ASTM) Specifications, the most relevant being found in volume 01.04, (American Society for Testing and Materials, AWS (American Welding Society) code2 D1.51, and AASHTO3 (American Association of State Highway and Turnpike Officials)] and Author personal notes.

Course Quiz

A minimum of 20 multiple-choice quiz questions will be offered and 70% minimum passing grades are required to successfully complete the course.