Course ID 3
Number TBI-103
Name Fundamental of Bridge Inspection
Category Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Length (Day) 365
Price (USD) 90.00

Course Description:

The course is based on the "Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual (BIRM) and provides training on the inspection of in-service highway bridges. A bridge inspection involves a series of tasks that require dedicated, well-trained inspectors to successfully complete. The purpose of this course is to explain the fundamentals required for an inspector to do the job very well.

Course Objectives:

The major goals of this course are to refresh the skills of practicing bridge inspectors in fundamental visual inspection techniques; review the background knowledge necessary to understand how bridges function; communicate issues of national significance relative to the nations' bridge infrastructures; reestablish proper condition and appraisal rating practices; and review the professional obligations of bridge inspectors.

Course Outlines

  • Duties of the Bridge Inspection Team
  • Planning the Inspection
  • Preparing for Inspection
  • Performing the Inspection
  • Preparing the Report
  • Identifying Items for Repairs and Maintenance
  • Types of Bridge Inspection

Course Content

This course is based on section 3 (Fundamentals of Bridge Inspection) of the FHWA Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual, 2002 (updated in 2006).

Course Quiz

A minimum of 30 multiple-choice quiz questions will be offered and 70% minimum passing grades are required to successfully complete the course.